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What We Do

We breed, train, and test FCI-Registered German Shorthaired Pointers, also known as Deutsch Kurzhaars, in Brooklyn, Nova Scotia. Our versatile dogs hunt most everything the law allows, compete and test internationally, all while living in the house with children.

Our Goals

We are a small hobby breeder of German Shorthaired Pointers who breed and raise our dogs as a family. It is important to us that our breeding dogs either live in our home or in the homes of foster families. Our puppies are hand-reared in our family living space where they receive constant attention from us and our children.

Our primary goal is to produce healthy dogs that are suitable for both the home and the field. We accomplish this by importing top-performing European “Utility” dogs and their progeny, socializing them in our home environment, and then testing them for health, temperament, and working ability. We are proud to own some of the most decorated German Shorthaired Pointers in Canada.

Who We Are

We are a family of four in West Hants, Nova Scotia, Canada who are passionate about dogs. We host and support training days, tests, and events on our farm for the Bluenose Chapter of NAVHDA and the German Shorthaired Club of Canada.

Henry is a software engineer who specializes in Internet security and defence against cybercrime. Henry is an active bird hunter who enjoys the quality of the dog work more than the size of the bag. Henry is a judge with the Canadian Kennel Club and the President of the Bluenose Chapter of NAVHDA. Henry, an advocate of positive reinforcement-based training, trains and handles all of our dogs and spends his Sunday mornings teaching other handlers how to get the most out of their dogs.

Jennifer is an accountant who specializes in payroll and bookkeeping services for small business. Jennifer grew up with hunting dogs and loves to cuddle with them even if they smell of pond, which they often do. Jennifer manages the business side and keeps everything running smoothly.

Our children are lovers of animals who raise rabbits and birds. When they are not in school they are socializing puppies and caring for all of our barn animals. They are both avid readers. We are very proud of their entrepreneurial nature, and that they spend most of their hard-earned money on books.

Our Commitment to Transparency

The first thing you will notice when you look at our dogs is that we share a lot of information about our dogs, their accomplishments, and their health. We don’t stop at a list of call names and photos along with a listing of health clearances without context. You will find pedigrees, x-rays, certificates, and detailed results of our health testing. We include the results of full genetic panels on all of our dogs which not only confirms that our dogs will not pass on preventable congenital issues to their offspring, but also helps us produce predictable litters with carefully monitored Coefficients of Inbreeding.

If you follow our Facebook Page you will be treated to regular live broadcasts with our dogs. You will see happy, fit, and healthy dogs living in a clean and spacious environment. Our puppies’ future families are given the opportunity to get to know the personalities of the whole litter which helps us find the best pairings of puppies and families. We want the world to see how we socialize our dogs with family life and a diverse indoor and outdoor environment, even if sometimes you will see tired people in their pyjamas airing a pack of dogs who scatter in every direction at 5am.

We are more than willing to accept the increased scrutiny and criticism that our openness invites. We have made a conscious decision about how we want to run our breeding program and hope that more breeders will follow our example.

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